How is The Price of Commercial Cleaning Calculated?

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You have called a commercial cleaning company to give you a quote or you are a commercial cleaning looking for a way to price your cleaning job. How is a price reached? When it comes to pricing a commercial cleaning project, these factors play a role:

1) Detail

How detailed do you want the cleaning company to be? Do you need your desks, phones and computers sanitized? Do you have windows and glass throughout your building that require weekly maintenance? Depending on the level of detail you that you need, will decide cost factors on your quote. If you have requested a very detailed clean but are price conscious, ask the cleaning company for 2 quotes. One detailed and one less detailed.

2) Times per Week

The majority of offices have cleaners come in once per week. This helps to support the cleanliness level of their building, offices, washrooms and garbages. If you need nightly cleaning done, this will cost considerably more.

3) Specialty Requests

This will not affect most office buildings. Grocery stores, department stores and schools all have maintenanced floor schedules. Specialty requests, such as nightly rotational auto scrubbing and quarterly waxing of floors to enhance the quality and look of show room floors is very time-consuming and costly. Ensure that your cleaners are doing as per your contract agreement.

4) Spring Clean

A spring clean is a year and sometime a bi yearly overall clean of your establishment. It can include walls, baseboards, interior and exterior windows, carpet steaming and shelving. The space and current cleanliness level will decide the cost to have these cleaning services done. The before and after effect of this service is usually very dramatic.

When receiving quotes from various companies a word of caution, is to be wary of super cheap cleaning quotes. Several businesses that have chosen us as their office cleaning company, complained of their last cleaners aka the super cheap quote. We were told that they did little or no cleaning during the time they spent “cleaning”. An easy way to solve this is to follow-up with concerns to prevent any future disturbances.

Your agreement with your cleaning company should be detailed in the outlining of the agreed services. If not, have them re-write the agreement stating exactly the services they agree to perform for you. If grievances arise this will come in very handy.

Enjoy your commercial cleaning shopping experience and if you have a company in Saskatoon, please email or call us so that we can give you a cleaning quote.


Scrub Masters Commercial Cleaning

How is The Price of Commercial Cleaning Calculated?

What Is A Post-Construction Clean?

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If you are reading this, either you are in the middle of a construction job and looking for a cleaner or you are a cleaner researching what a post construction cleaning is all about. My focus will be on commercial spaces but most of this applies to residential properties as well.

A post construction clean takes place after a renovation or new building construction is complete. When hiring a commercial cleaner to do your cleaning, you can expect to have a complete top to bottom clean of the interior of your building. A complete clean will rid your place or seriously reduce it of drywall dust. The focus of the cleaning job entails:

1) Walls

After a construction job, the walls are coated with a fine layer of drywall dust. They are washed down, to stop the dust from transferring.

2) Baseboards

These are cleaned throughout the entire building.

3) Doors and door frames

The doors and the door frames washed, to get rid of dust, dirt and fingerprints.

4) Windows and glass

All windows and glass within the interior of the building, exterior can be done at request.

5) Desks and Chairs

Your desk and chairs are cleaned. Many times an office will continue to run during construction and you may not notice the buildup that has accumulated.

6) Kitchen Areas and Restrooms

A top to bottom clean, including all appliances are cleaned during a post construction.

7) Floors

Drywall dust transfers to a new place, after you have cleaned it from its previous abode. When the entire place has been cleaned, the floors are then tackled. They are usually washed and vacuumed at least twice, sometimes three times.

A good post construction clean, is generally quite costly. If you are concerned about price you can ask your cleaners to do less cleaning or you can expect less results. After a post construction clean, there will still be drywall dust and you may want to add a complete clean in three months after everything is more settled.

Before you hire commercial cleaners for your job make sure that:

  • All areas are cleared of debris left over from construction.
  • The tradespeople have cleaned up their tools.
  • All flooring is free of product.

A new building is exciting and you want to represent it in the best way possible. Have a cleaning company set up at least one month before construction is complete, to make sure that your space is ready when you are. 🙂

What Is A Post-Construction Clean?

How To Choose The Right Commercial Cleaner for Your Business

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When choosing a commercial cleaning company, the most common factors that people base their decisions on, do not always lead to the right cleaning company for your business. The two most common are:

We all want to pay nothing for something. There are two risk factors when you base your decision solely on the cheapest bid to cross your desk:

  • Quality of work.
  • Actual cleaning being done.

Friend of an employee is another avenue often travelled. The two risk factors here are:

  • Insurance (they usually do not have any)
  • They are usually looking to quit doing this, once they find a “job”.

When choosing your commercial cleaner there are some important things to look for:

1. Walk Through

Before receiving any type of cleaning or advice from a company, they need to see your place of business. This is important because every company has a slightly different cleaning need. If you are quoted a price over the phone, you may notice that you receive an impersonal cleaning package or service. A walk through of your business, as you state your cleaning requests helps the cleaning company to focus on what is important to you. This takes a little of your time but in the long run, you will be more satisfied with the cleaning that is taking place.

2. Detailed Quote

After your walk through, the commercial cleaner should send you a quote, detailing their list of duties and their proposed price. The more detailed the better, this helps to insure that there are no discrepancies down the road.

3. Insurance.

Do they carry it? More than likely there will never be a reason to use it, but if something ever happens on the premise of your business with your cleaning company, you do not want to be held liable in any way. Insurance feels like a waste of money right up until the point that you need it.

4. Guarantee.

What is theirs?  Cleaning is not a job that requires tons of brain power, I am limited to see that many jobs really do BUT when the cleaning company leaves your place of business and you are not satisfied with what they promised and the job they are doing, how are they willing to correct the situation? What do they guarantee you?

Choosing a commercial cleaning company is usually a task not eagerly pursued, but if you are looking for a company that will be a part of your team and your company’s vision, these guidelines will serve you well.


How To Choose The Right Commercial Cleaner for Your Business

Different Cleaning Requests

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If you are thinking of hiring a commercial cleaner for your business, here are the kinds of cleaning services generally offered:

1. Janitorial Services

This is a service, based primarily on flooring, washrooms, garbages and front window cleaning. This is the least expensive in terms of upkeep. The brunt of the cost will come when you have speciality floors requests, such as refinishing and burnishing. If you have an office space, where the employees are responsible for their own work stations, but would like to have a professional service for the janitorial work, this is the quote you should ask for.

2. Detail Office Cleaning

This service is the same as the janitorial service, without the specialty floor care. Detail office cleaning should include sanitizing work spaces, such as desks, phones and keyboard. Generally businesses that are busier or place a higher importance on the look and feel of their office space will choose this cleaning option.

3. Window Cleaning

Some businesses, have their employees clean the interior of their business but hire a professional for the interior and exterior of their windows. Clean windows give a business a fresh look and appeal.

4. Non-contractual Services

Several restaurants hire a commercial cleaning service to have their floors scrubbed and their carpets steamed. Some businesses set up an agreement for every 3 months, while others prefer to call in the service when things are looking dirty or prior to an inspection.

5. Shelving and Product Dusting

Most showroom areas and product shelving are maintained by the employees but some businesses contract this work out. It is a general dusting and cleaning of the product shelves and can include merchandise as well.

Every business has a unique cleaning need, make sure that you have the best set up for your company’s requirements.

Different Cleaning Requests

4 Views of a Commercial Cleaning Company


We constantly ask business owners and managers if they are happy with the work that their cleaning company is providing. There are 4 common answers that offer 4 views of a commercial cleaning company. When asked if you are happy with your current cleaning company, we usually hear 1 of 4 answers:

  • “Yeah” with a vague distant look in your eyes. The walk through progresses and you point out your current frustrations and justify reasons why you have settled for that company. The easiest way to rectify this is to discuss what you would like to change with the cleaning company you have hired. They may not be aware that you wanted something cleaned or they may not really be cleaning. This is how some cleaning companies work. If this is the case, it is time to shop around for a company that has the same level of standard as YOU.
  • “We do the cleaning here ourselves”. The challenge that you face here, is that no one actually wants to clean the office. Either they have their own work to do or they were hired to do another job and that is the one they prefer. Either way, an office with an employee doing the cleaning is generally not very clean. Why not get some quotes and see if you can have the place looking and feeling better.
  • “No”. When we hear a “no” during our walk  through, it is generally because you have had a very bad experience with a cleaner. Some cleaning company’s, unfortunately do not actually do any cleaning. Not to mention names, but I have personally witnessed cleaners at a job site, smoking an unnamed “skinny” cigarette, before strolling into their clients premise; on my way out from one of our jobs, I saw the same person sitting at a desk on the clients phone. That is pure disrespect and can you imagine their idea of clean?
  • “Yes, they do a really great job, now if I can just find someone to clean my house”. The most satisfied customers are always looking for a person to clean their home. These cleaning company’s run with integrity and honesty. They have agreed to do certain duties and are following through.

Having a great cleaning company is important and you will know when you have found the right one, when you no longer have to manage that aspect of your business. If you have a business in Saskatoon and are looking for a commercial cleaner, call us or send us an email, we would be happy to give you a quote.

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4 Views of a Commercial Cleaning Company

What Do You Train For?

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When you hire a new employee, what do you train them for?

  • The Job Position.

This is the most common and in my opinion very limiting both for the hire and the employer. When we train for the job position, we create a narrow scope and the opinion that “this is what I do and anything outside of this you need to speak to…”. You will have a couple of super star employees that will have the next promotion or two in mind, but for the most part you are creating a wheel clog. I am sure that if you peruse your mind for a customer service example you will be overloaded with tasteful memories of this type of employee. Is there a better way to train?

Training for your culture is another option. This is when you assume that your hire has done the job before and knows the position. Usually they impressed you with their résumé credentials and you can skip directly to the who’s who and what’s what around your company. This type of training is good, if you are looking to keep things EXACTLY as they are in your company. Is there a better way?

  • The Company Vision.

Remember that handbook that was created when the company began, back in 1902? Don’t use that one. You know the business plan you have for the next year, next 5 and the next 10-25, use THAT. When hiring a new employee a great way to empower them to help your company grow and to shape the future of it is to train them for your company vision. A powerful way to do this is from the first interview. When you train for vision you will attract an employee that thinks bigger and will be performing his job position with the bigger picture in mind.

Hiring new employees is time-consuming and if done best can create a team that grows together to create a powerful structure. Hire wisely, but train wiser.

What Do You Train For?